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What where the books your favorite author got their inspriration from? The following overview shows the paths books went through: which books influenced authors and which other authors did they influence with their ideas.

Book Pages: Book Recommendation Based on Last Read or Other Books

You want to read books based on your last read or other books you have read in the past? Search through this list of books to find out on which books your favourite book was based on, or which books it has inspired since its publication.

The Misbehavior of Markets
Bureaucrats: How to Annoy Them (The Twitmarsh Files)
Safe Haven
The Dawn of Everything
Seven Types of Atheism
Adapt: Why Success Always Starts with Failure
Beauty: A Very Short Introduction
Seeing Like a State
Notes on Nationalism
In Defense of Civilization
The Basic Laws of Human Stupidity
On Bullshit
Fooled by Randomness
Feline Philosophy
The Black Swan
The New Leviathans
The Characters
Black Mass
Filters against Folly
Skin in the Game

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