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You want your book displayed among classic books on Buy a lifetime book listing and get your book displayed both on and websites.

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Relevant target groups

Quality over quantity: you are not targeting as many as possible readers but quality readers who are able to understand your ideas and follow your work in the long-term.

Not writing for money: you didn't write your book in order to get rich but because you love writing, want to gain a reputation in relevant circles and connect to readers who truly appreciate your work. Earning money with your books is a nice side effect but not your main motivaton.

You play long-term games: This offer is not suitable for writers focusing on short term success, therefore this offer is designed as a lifetime listing.

Let your book be discovered among the best books in the world. List your book in a pleasant and worthy place.

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This book listing offer is a great fit for you if...

  • You produce unique high quality content and create books, that are not available in similar form on the market.
  • You write about lindy topics in which you acquired knowledge through year-long studies, experiences and observations.
  • You write for non-mainstream target groups that appreciate unique and original works of literature.
  • Your work is inspired by books listed on or other classic literature.

LindyBook Lifetime Book Listing for 119 $ (one-time payment)

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