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Limited Offer: 59.50 $ (50% off)

Advertise your book on the lindy book platform - choose the right categories for your book - relate your work to the lindy books that inspired you.

Lifetime Offer

  • Your book featured across various sections on the lindybook website (see below).
  • Permanent featured listing on
  • One-time payment (119 $ 59.50 $), lifetime listing.

Let your book be discovered among the best books in the world. List your book in a pleasant and worthy place.

Read why your book advertisement will integrate perfectly into the lindy book database.

Where will your book be featured

Your book displayed on the Lindy Book Homepage and under Featured Books

Your Book gets featured on the respective category pages on

Permanent Listing on the featured books section with an individual Page for your Book

Relate your book to your favorite books on (it will be featured under the books that inspired you)

LindyBook Lifetime Book Listing for 119 $ 59.50 $ (one-time payment)

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This book listing offer is a great fit for you if one of the following applies to your work

  • You produce unique high quality content and create books, that are not available in similar form on the market.
  • You write about lindy (timeless) topics in which you acquired knowledge through year-long studies, experiences and observations.
  • You write for non-mainstream target groups that appreciate unique and original works of literature.
  • Your work is inspired by books listed on or other classic literature.
  • You put a lot of effort into writing your book and it represents your unique personality (soul in the game).

Relevant target groups

Quality over quantity: you are not targeting as many as possible readers but quality readers who are able to understand your ideas and follow your work in the long-term.

Not writing (solely) for money: you didn't write your book in order to get rich but because you love writing, want to gain a reputation in relevant circles and connect to readers who truly appreciate your work. Earning money with your books is a nice side effect but not your main motivaton.

You play long-term games: This offer is not suitable for writers focusing only on short term success, therefore this offer is designed as a lifetime listing.

Questions about the book ad

  • How does the Book Advertisement Project benefit writers?

    You receive long-term exposure to potential readers who are searching for lindy books.
  • What features are included in the lifetime listing?

    You can upload your book cover, choose appropriate categories for your book and provide a description of its content and your sources of inspiration.
  • Who qualifies as a timeless writer for this project?

    Writers that put effort in their work, write with a clear mind or possess the right experience. You will find a list of further examples in the text above. If you are unsure, if your book belongs to that category you can submit a short description of your book project here.
  • Are there specific genres or niches targeted by the advertisement?

    There are specific lindy book genres and topics that are targeted through the lindy book database. You can have a look at the categories or the book list.
  • How does this compare to other book advertising options?

    A book advertisement on is more of a long-term investment compared to other platforms, where you can gain more exposure for your book over a long period of time.
  • Can I showcase multiple books with this project?

    This offer is valid for one book, but you can purchase multiple book listings if you want to display more than one book on the platform.
  • What platforms will my book be featured on?

    The main platform is where most of the traffic comes in. Additional successful websites may be added to the project later on. Currently you can have your book listed also on
  • How do I submit my book for consideration in the project?

    After purchasing your book listing you will receive a link where you can submit your book cover, categories and texts.

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