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You wrote a book and are looking for opportunities to advertise it online? The internet provides multiple opportunities for authors but it's difficult to find the right platform. The decision where to advertise your book depends on your goals and motivation for writing and the corresponding audience you are reaching with your texts.

Where to advertise books

There exist a lot of opportunities where to advertise your books, from book lists to book newsletters or book shops. Find some examples below.

Websites to advertise books is not only a great tool to find inspiring books but also a platform to advertise your own books. It makes it easy to target the readers of specific books or book categories. Read more here.


If you want to reach a huge amount of potential readers, BookBub offers book promotion tools to advertise your book to a big audience. See more details.

Book Newsletters

There a several book newsletters where you can place an ad. Depending on the taret audience of the specific newsletter this can be a worthwile investment for advertising your book.


Paved allows you to run ad campaigns on newsletters. On their marketplace you can search for newsletters related to books or your specific book niche and run ads in those newsletters. More infos here


A similar newsletter ad platform is Sponsorgap where you can search for the right newsletter fo your book. Have a look at their network

Reach out directly to Newsletter Creators

If you encounter a newsletter that fits perfectly to the content of your book, try to to reach out to the creator directly.


Chapbooks are small publications that were traditonally read as booklets by the masses in early modern Europe. You can use the idea of a chapbook to promote your books by creating a short version of your book and promote an excerpt of your work. Or if your book is not yet finished, you could publish an early, shorter version of it. This article explains how you can create a physical chapbook, but the same idea applies to an e-chapbook, that you can share online.

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