Articles About Books and Writing

A collection of articles about reading, writing and discovering lindy books.

The Lindy Effect and its Meaning

A short description of the lindy effect and its meaning for books.

How to Become a Scholar

Curiosity drives in many people the desire to become knowledgeable, but it needs a huge amount of dedication to reach a level of erudition in a field of knowledge not many people are able to achieve.

How to Choose Books?

A description of the four most important selection mechanisms for books.

How to Build an Antilibrary

Normal people can't afford to build a physical antilibrary due to limitations in space and money. Their only alternative is a digital one.

How to Advertise Books Online

A short overview on online book advertising opportunities.

How to Start Writing a Book

Some tips on how to start writing a book.

Spiritual Writing

What is Spiritual Writing? And why does it matter when you write your book?

Book Ideas to Write a Lindy Book

Choose the right book idea in order to write a timeless book.

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