Book Ideas to Write a Lindy Book

If you want to write a book that should be successfull in the future, you should look at book ideas that have the potential to be timeless.

Book Ideas from old books

Updated Versions

Recognize the opportunity to update great books whose ideas may need a fresh perspective in light of our changing world. Crafting an updated version allows authors to adapt timeless concepts to the current environment, providing a valuable resource for modern readers.

Further development of ideas

Explore the wealth of ideas present in past great books. Some concepts may have been overlooked or underdeveloped, presenting an excellent chance for new authors to build upon existing foundations and create something truly impactful.

Write about lindy things

Some things are ephemeral and others are here to stay for a while. To write about timeless topics choose things that existed in the past. One book genre that examines lindy things throughout time are books about historical paths. You can have a look at this collection of books about historical paths. To determine which book genres are lindy, look at what genres where present in the past. Have a look at the book genre finder.

Books Need Time

Books grow with time

Acknowledge that books, like fine wine, grow better with time. Two strategies can be employed: patiently collect and develop ideas over an extended period before publishing, or release a preliminary pamphlet to gather initial feedback. Recognize that ideas need time to evolve and resonate with readers.

Your Reason to write

Choose your book idea carefully, aligning it with your unique skillset and the reasons why others should read your work. Consider factors such as having "skin in the game," personal interests, erudition, keen observation skills, and a clear, articulate mind.

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