Book Genre Finder

Book Genre Finder

The evolution of today's popular book genres traces its roots far back in history, having been used by authors across centuries. The following overview describes book genres that are lindy and will remain relevant in the future. It helps authors find the appropriate book genre if they want to write a lindy book.

Find Genres for Lindy Books


Essays are short non-fiction works that explore a specific topic or idea. They often express the author's viewpoint, analyzing or discussing an issue in a concise and structured manner. Essays can cover a wide range of subjects, from personal reflections to critical analysis of societal matters. In the Lindy Book database you can find example books for essays in the topics of religion, social studies, history, politics, architecture, culture and philosophy.



Aphorisms are concise statements that convey a profound truth or insight. They are often short and memorable, offering wisdom, advice, or observations about life, human nature, or philosophy.



Poetry is a form of literary expression characterized by rhythm, meter, and often, rhyming schemes. It uses language creatively, evoking emotions and imagery through carefully crafted words. Poetry can explore a wide array of themes and emotions, employing various styles and structures. Some examples for poetry books.

Poetry Books


Novels are long works of fiction that present a complex narrative involving characters, settings, and plots. They offer in-depth storytelling, allowing for character development and exploring multiple themes, often across chapters or sections. Here is a list of timeless novels containing books from the subgenres science-fiction, romance, mystery, crime as well as dystopian novels.



A biography is a written account of a person's life, typically focusing on historical or noteworthy individuals. It covers their life story, achievements, challenges, and impact, often researched and written by another person. Find example books for biographies that depict the life of statesmen, scholars, scientists or entrepreneurs.



Similar to a biography, a memoir is a personal account of someone's life, often written by the person themselves. It focuses more on personal experiences, memories, and reflections, offering a subjective perspective on specific events or periods in the author's life. Click here for examples of memoirs by politicians, discoverers, writers, investors or entrepreneurs.



Textbooks are educational books that provide structured information on a particular subject. They are designed to impart knowledge, often used in academic settings to support learning in specific fields or disciplines. The following list contains lindy textbooks in classical fields like physics, mathematics or technologies like virtual reality.


Character Study

Character studies explore the vices and virtues of people in a society. These character studies convey an understanding of how people were judged in the past, pointing to timeless human character traits, and are entertaining to read. You can find examples for character studies in this list.

Character Studies


A travelogue is a narrative that recounts the author's experiences and observations during their travels. It often includes descriptions of places visited, cultural insights, and personal reflections on the journey. A collection of travelogues.



Tragedy and drama are genres in literature and theater that focus on serious, often sorrowful or intense themes. Tragedies typically involve conflicts and events leading to a protagonist's downfall or unfortunate conclusion, while dramas explore human emotions, conflicts, and relationships in depth. Find example books for tragedies here.



Letters are written correspondences between individuals, conveying personal messages, thoughts, or information. They can be formal or informal and serve various purposes, from communication to documentation of personal history. A list of historical letters can be found here.


Find Book Genres of Lindy Books

Choose a lindy book from the list below and find all the book genres it is associated with.

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