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"Character Studies" is a timeless literary category that traces its origins back to the ancient world, with notable works like "Characters" by Theophrastus, a pupil of Aristotle. In later periods, authors like Joseph Hall and Jean de La Bruyère captured the vices and virtues of their contemporaries in their works. These character studies convey an understanding of how people were judged in the past, pointing to timeless human character traits, and are entertaining to read.

  • The Stupidity Quotient

    Ioannis Alexiadis
    cover image

    The concept of human stupidity has long been explored in literature, with Carlo Cipolla's 'Basic Laws of Human Stupidity' providing a framework for defining stupidity. However, this raises the question: just how stupid is a person? By understanding the stupidity quotient, readers gain valuable insights into how to interact with individuals who exhibit various forms of idiocy. The stupidity quotient offers a fresh perspective that will prove invaluable in navigating the complexities of dealing...

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