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This section lists different book collections, containing classic books clustered around a certain topic or books sharing certain properties with each other.

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  • Economy Books

    This collection of economy books covers many topics from markets, to innovation, to management.

  • Satire Books

    Satire books caricature everyday life, political leaders or whole societies and use humor, irony, ridicule, or exaggeration as elements to criticize and mock societal norms, politics, institutions, or human behaviors.

  • Fighting Pandemics

    Throughout history humans had to deal with deadly pandemics and the knowledge from these experiences can be crucial for the survival of future plagues.

  • Small Bets

    Solopreneurs have neither the time nor the resources to focus on a single, risky idea and should instead apply a small bets approach.

  • The Nation State


  • Toxic Idealism

    A collection of books that explain toxic idealism and how seemingly noble ideals can lead to unintended consequences and devastating outcomes.

  • Inspirational Books

    A collection of inspirational books about unconventional ideas, describing fundamental principles that everyone can deploy to his or her life.

  • Join a Journey Books

    Are you curious to join an author on a journey to unknown lands, be it a scientific quest or an expedition to a foreign country? Then this book collection will help you to find your next read.

  • Entertaining Books

    A collection of classic and timeless books that are entertaining.

  • Zeitgeist of the Past Books

    Discover the zeitgeist of past periods by reading books describing the way of life and attitudes people had in the past.

  • Byzantine Architecture Books

    A book collection covering many aspects of the legacy and historical context of byzantine buildings.

  • Short Books

    A collection of classic short books from different genres like aphorisms, character studies, essays or short novels.

Other Book Collections

  • Fat Tony's Antilibrary

    An Antilibrary Fat Tony (A character from the Incerto) would love, with books that help you lead an antifragile life.

  • The Neglected Books Page

    Articles and lists with thousands of neglected and forgotten books.

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