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Promote your book on and gain visibility from readers that value timeless books.

Lindy books are books that stood the test of time or have the potential to become classics in their discipline. Listing your book on gives you the additional opportunity to link your writing to the books that influenced you and reach the readers most relevant for you. The idea behind this, is to connect new authors with past writers and their ideas, creating this way a reading path between the past and the present. is ranking high for "lindy book", "lindy books" and related keywords. Have a look at the books, categories and collections on Does your writing have a connection with them? Then purchasing a lifetime listing is a perfect fit for you.

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A Good Book Advertisement Integrates Into a Website

The online landscape is inundated with disjointed advertisements that often seem disconnected from the essence of the websites users originally intend to explore. This dissonance becomes particularly pronounced when it comes to promoting books. Depending on the genre, be it fiction or non-fiction, covering popular or niche subjects, established advertising platforms such as Google, Facebook, or Amazon may prove less effective in catering to the unique needs of authors and readers, as highlighted in an insightful article by Scribe Media.

Enter, where book advertisements seamlessly blend into the fabric of the website. On this platform, featured books are thoughtfully integrated beneath the works that inspired their authors, nestled alongside the category pages to which they belong. This approach ensures that readers, whether drawn to classic literature or niche genres, can organically stumble upon new titles inspired by their favorite authors. Additionally, they may uncover books that not only pay homage to classic ideas but also ingeniously expand upon them.

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Book Advertisement Examples

See below some examples on how book advertisements can look like on the lindy book database.

Your book displayed on the Lindy Book Homepage and under Featured Books

Your Book gets featured on the respective category pages on

Permanent Listing on the featured books section with an individual Page for your Book

Relate your book to your favorite books on (it will be featured under the books that inspired you)

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