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Microhistory studies events and societies within a closed historical period. It does not try to draw a big picture of happenings or devise global theories. It depicts the life of normal people from the past. By scrutinizing the particularities of people's lives, microhistorians can uncover a wealth of previously overlooked information about the daily struggles and triumphs of people from various social classes, genders, and ethnic groups. This approach enables historians to go beyond the traditional "great men" view of history and to explore the experiences of individuals who were marginalized, silenced, or forgotten by mainstream historical narratives. Microhistorians use a wide range of sources, including letters, diaries, court records, newspapers, and oral histories, to reconstruct the lived experiences of people from the past. They pay attention to small details, such as family relationships, cultural practices, and local customs, in order to gain a better understanding of the social worlds of historical individuals. Through this approach, microhistorians aim to offer a more nuanced and complex understanding of historical events and societies that challenges traditional assumptions and broad generalizations. The following list contains books on microhistory stories examining different topics and backgrounds.

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