How to select books?

There are many selection mechanisms for books. Here are the four most important:

  1. Age: the older a book, the more established it is and more likely to be relevant in the future
  2. Author: If the author is a scholar or he has real-world experience and skin in the game, there is a greater chance that his or her books will be relevant for your life.
  3. Topic: current trend topics will soon no longer be relevant. Books on Timeless themes will continue to be read in the future
  4. Path emergence: Whoever starts with a good book receives many references to further good books and can thus explore the book landscape in a natural way.

Selection criteria one, two and three, filter out a large number of books, but path emergence is a method that is more like a strategy than a criterion. The condition for for path emrgence to be successful is to start with a really good book, a book that you are fully convinced of. Starting with the right books means setting out on a path. More great books will appear as the book progresses. I call this path emergence.

You can start discovering great books on to begin your new book journey.

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